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What better way to explore and enjoy the huge and exciting history that lies underneath Nottingham Castle than a special cave tour in the company of Robin Hood?

Every Sunday until September (and from 29th July every Wednesday and Friday too) from 12-4pm you can join him to learn more about the City, Castle and what lies beneath it. Cost is £5pp, under 5’s free - details HERE.


“..and they still found plenty of time to sing!”

Join Robin Hood and Maid Marian as they enjoy the fabulous


4th, 5th & 6th September in the beautiful NEWSTEAD ABBEY PARK.

More details HERE

Tim and Sal have been Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood and Maid Marian for over ten years now - and we are also a couple in real life!

Tim began his full time outlawry over twenty one years ago working at medieval banquets and then with Nottingham City Council for all their tourism, promotions and other civic events including the city’s annual Robin Hood Pageant, parades, Royal and Olympic visits and regularly at special events and tours at Nottingham Castle. Sal became Maid Marian about eight years ago (when she’s not teaching genetics at Nottingham University!) and since then we’ve also become a very happy couple - and parents in real life!

We’ve been featured as Robin and Marian (and as parents) in national and international press, regularly on television and radio and have met royalty, carried the Olympic Torch and travelled overseas, all to promote the great city of Nottingham and the legend of Robin and Marian - it really is the best job in the world!