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a… party  in a brewery!

Robin and his Merry Men (and Women) have a legendary love for fun, singing and good beer so it’s a great joy to be able to offer special Robin Hood guided tours of Nottingham’s famous CASTLE ROCK BREWERY!

Learn about the history of Castle Rock, the ingredients and how our beer is made then enjoy some samples in our Visitors Centre.

Great fun, great beer, great times!

Full details and prices are available HERE.

Tim and Sal have been Nottingham’s Official Robin and Marian for nearly ten years.

Tim began his full time outlawry over twenty one years ago working at medieval banquets and then with the city council for all their tourism, promotions and other civic events including the city’s annual Robin Hood Pageant, parades, Royal and Olympic visits and regularly at special events and tours at Nottingham Castle.

Sal became Maid Marian about eight years ago (when she’s not teaching genetics at Nottingham University!) and since then we’ve also become a very happy couple - and parents in real life!

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A Medieval Hero for the Twenty-First Century

Tim Pollard and Sally Chappell are Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood and Maid Marian

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Nottingham’s Official Robin Hood

Meet Robin Hood and hear fun tales of action and adventure at Nottingham Castle this Summer!

Nottingham’s legendary hero Robin Hood will be telling stories of bravery and daring-do every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday  at Nottingham Castle until the end of August - come and say hello or join in on one of his special storytelling cave tours - for more details and prices click HERE!

Robin and Marian are also telling 30-minute Robin Hood stories FREE every Sunday in August at midday in Trinity Square!

About Tim and Sal

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